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STM32F4 Discovery as St-Link Programmer [Full Steps]

 Programming Bluepill via Stm32f4-discovery      If you have that handsome guy : bluepill and do not have stlink programmer, also you have a discovery board, "What a low probability for this article to be read." -but ok, I am the one, faced with this situation maybe some other one also can be. 😁 Step1 : Removing St-Link Jumpers      There are two jumpers on area labelled CN4, (marked in purple square) if they are jumped like on the picture, this means embedded st-link programmer can program discovery board, if you remove them, st-link programmer connection to discovery MCU is removed and free to use externally. Step2 : Connecting St-Link Pins to BluePill There are six pins on the area called CN4, marked in the picture. The pin numbers starting 1 from top and go down to 6. We just use 1 to 4 pins. If you want to reset your bluepill via button on the discovery board you can connect NRST to Reset pin of Bluepill. Anyway, the pins of bluepill : BluePill GND to Discovery